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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Are modern science and medicine in crisis?Cubas, Fernando; Vargas, Alberto I; León-Jiménez, Franco; Lecanda, Jon
2018Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of strongyloidiasis in a hospital in Northern PeruSilva-Díaz, Heber; Reynoso-Mego, Alejandro; León-Jiménez, Franco; Failoc-Rojas, Virgilio E
2015Emotional caregiver burden among family caregivers of schizophrenia patients at a public hospital from Lambayeque-PeruLi-Quiroga, Mey-Ling; Alipázaga-Pérez, Pedro; Osada, Jorge; León-Jiménez, Franco
2016Frequency and characteristics of self-prescription in patients with headache in primary care in Lambayeque, PeruSaldaña-Flores, Denis; Villalobos-Ticliahuanca, Giancarlo; Ballón-Manrique, Benigno; León-Jiménez, Franco
2014Frequency of anxiety and depression in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus attended in a general hospital in ChiclayoConstantino-Cerna, Antero; Bocanegra-Malca, Milagros; León-Jiménez, Franco; Díaz-Vélez, Cristian
2016Knowledge, attitudes and believes in overweight people on cardiovascular risk in Lambayeque, PeruPortocarrero-Flores, Diana; Zamora-Silva, Juan Carlos; León-Jiménez, Franco
2019Knowledge, perceptions, and practices related to HIV/ AIDS in adolescents from a district in Lambayeque-Peru, 2015Baca-Sánchez, Juan; Hidalgo-Palacios, Claudia; León-Jiménez, Franco; Malca-Tello, Nancy
2012Mental health screening using the MINI test in medical studentsLeón-Jiménez, Franco; Jara-Romero, LE; Chang-Dávila, Domingo; Chichón-Peralta, JL; Piedra-Hidalgo, MF
2020Migration to study in medical schools of PeruChambergo-Michilot, Diego; Muñoz-Medina, Carlos E.; Lizarzaburu-Castagnino, Diego; León-Jiménez, Franco; Odar-Sampé, Miguel; Pereyra-Elías, Reneé; Mayta-Tristán, Percy
2016Myths about organ donation on health personnel, potential recipients and relatives of potential donors in a peruvian hospital: A qualitative studyGómez-Rázuri, Katherine; Ballena-López, José; León-Jiménez, Franco
2018Myths, believes and practices in asthmatic children caregivers with respect to inhaler therapy in Chiclayo, Peru - 2013Beltrán-Cabrera, Camilo; Vela-Pinedo, Patricia; Díaz-Manchay, Rosa; Maticorena-Agramonte, Flavio; Razón-Angulo, Verónica; León-Jiménez, Franco
2013Sleep quality in a Lambayeque’s faculty of medicineGranados-Carrasco, Zaida; Bartra-Aguinaga, Angie; Bendezú-Barnuevo, Daniella; Huamanchumo-Merino, Jorge; Hurtado-Noblecilla, Eduardo; Jiménez-Flores, José; León-Jiménez, Franco; Chang-Dávila, Domingo
2015The patient and health personnel: Different visions and interestsLeón-Jiménez, Franco
2014Unnecessary preoperative test and the cost in a hospital of LambayequeLeón-Jiménez, Franco; Florián-Romero, Edith; Caján-Lontop, Yvette; Ventura-Sandoval, Luz; Flores-Tucto, Marco; Gastelo-Dávila, Angie
2011Validation of an instrument to measure the level of knowledge of non alcoholic fatty liver in general medical doctors in Chiclayo, PerúCorrea-Carhuachin, Violeta; Manayalle-Torres, Margaret; León-Jiménez, Franco; Cubas-Benavides, Fernando